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The Full Story


I started selling my various crafts under the name Whimsy 9 years ago as a way to stay sane whilst raising my 4 year old son Liam. It has taken many forms over the years - in my garage, online, in Mosgiel, in my shed and now finally in a Central City shop.

I aspire to bring an alternative to the big impersonal super stores which are not transparent with their supply chains and their overuse of plastic and greenwashing tactics. Rant over.



To provide a friendly welcoming shop that is full of inspiration, colour, and natural materials. To strive to be planet friendly by promoting the values of reducing, reusing, and recycling.  


All the products hold at least one of these ethical values:

Ethical source - sourced from businesses that are transparent with their efforts towards sustainability

Hand Made - low carbon footprint

Fair Trade - providing communities worldwide with fair pay and working conditions

Zero Waste - keeping my use of plastic to an absolute minimum. Promoting retro furniture and other preloved items as a substitute for new.

Upcycled/Recycled - Whimsy in the last 9 years has always had a focus on upcycling craft.

Organic - furnishings are made with organic cotton or other natural materials. Also dead stock fabric is utilised.

Locally Made - supporting local small business

Empowering Women - supporting women-owned business as women are underrepresented in business.

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