Naturalus has been making and selling natural products in Christchurch New Zealand since 2008. Being a Clinical Medical Herbalist, Tanya Townsend has an understanding of how natural ingredients work on the body and how to combine them to give the most benefit. 

Whimsy first sold Tanya and Murray's soaps seven years ago and they are the soaps I use in my home. I am delighted to rekindle our partnership and these lovelies can be purchased in the shed. I hope to increase the range on offer in the upcoming months. You can always buy direct from Tanya, if you don't live near


Our Super Cute Sheep Soaps are made from decadently rich 'Sheep's Milk' from Blue River Dairy Invercargill. 

Sheep's milk is rich with butterfat and nutrients that leave your skin feeling silky smooth, toned & hydrated. Together with the Coconut & Organic Sunflower Oil it makes them suitable for helping heal all manner of skin problems i.e. eczema, psoriasis, dry & irritated skin.

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This bar has that something extra gritty with Organic Coffee Grounds, Ground Pumice & Organic Mustard Seeds to help remove that ingrained dirt & debris from a hard day working out in the garden gives.


While the French Green Clay & Oils of Coconut, Organic Shea Butter & Olive Oil help to heal & soften your skin (as though you’d never done the gardening in the first place!) and the Essential Oils of Clove & Orange are a warm & spicy delight to the senses healing any cuts & abrasions and giving an overall sense of calm & comfort.

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Creamy Goats Milk Soap, infused with Lavender Herbal Infused oil & the beautiful aroma of Lavender essential oil.

Lavender Herbal Infused oil and Essential oil are very calming, great for any stressors, as well as having antiseptic properties relieving itchy bites, aching joints & muscles while helping improve local circulation.

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This Brazilian Gold Clay Shampoo is a large 135 gm bar (approx) - minimal packaging recycled kraft paper wrapper only.

Luxurious foamy suds with the added conditioning qualities of Argan Oil keeps you hair in great shape. Furthermore the combination of the Essential Oils not only smell divine but also helps with the health of your hair.

A deep cleanse from the Organic Castor Oil, Clay and Charcoal together with the moisturising Coconut Glycerine and the conditioning of the Argan make this a great Shampoo Bar. Charcoal helps with scalp problems as well as cleansing the hair.

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